Hot Wheels Unleashed shows off new Skyscraper area in new trailer

Hot Wheels Unleashed Skyscraper trailer

Racing games can be a bit hit or miss with me, but one I’m really looking forward to is Hot Wheels Unleashed. Announced back in February for Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, Hot Wheels Unleashed is sure to bring back a lot of memories when it launches this September. Though that’s still a while away, a new trailer launched today showcasing the game’s Skyscraper environment.

Unlike the previously revealed Garage environment, which is rather dark, Skyscraper sees the Hot Wheels Unleashed racers take to the skies as they speed around a track which crosses three levels of a building under construction. The building and its neighbors certainly live up to the skyscraper title, as these buildings literally rise above the clouds. In addition to this new environment, seven new cars (out of a whopping 60-plus vehicle roster) were revealed during this trailer: Bump Around, Mountain Mauler, Sandivore, Boom Car, Buns of Steel, Fast Gassin’, and Motosaurus.

As with previous trailers, the video shown off here is pre-alpha footage, but if these Skyscraper graphics hold up, Hot Wheels Unleashed is going to be one rip roarin’ good time. Unfortunately, we still have a few months until launch, but if you can’t wait, be sure to check out a gameplay trailer from earlier this month!

Steven Rollins
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