Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer reveals how it looks in action

Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer Mattel Milestone Koch Media

Back in February, Mattel, Koch Media, and developer Milestone announced Hot Wheels Unleashed for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. However, the announcement trailer revealed no actual gameplay. Today is finally making up for that. Milestone’s new Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer reveals really slick pre-alpha visuals, and it could shape up to be a beautiful experience. (Expect the Switch version to take a substantial visual hit as usual though.)

Otherwise, the game looks like a typical racer, except with Hot Wheels cars and bendy tracks — which is probably exactly what fans were hoping for. There will be more than 60 vehicles in the game, and the first six revealed are Rodger Dodger, Twin Mill, Rip Rod, Night Shifter, Dragon Blaster, and Sharkruiser. (Mattel would love if I put a “TM” next to each of those car names, but nah.) Also, the game will have a Track Editor to create and share your own tracks, expanding on one of the best parts of playing with Hot Wheels as a kid.

If you’re a diehard Hot Wheels fan and need more than what’s offered in the Unleashed gameplay trailer, then you can check out the full 30ish-minute gameplay showcase from earlier today.

A sneak peek at preorder incentives has been provided as well. Hot Wheels Unleashed will launch on Sept. 30, 2021.

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