Horror Tales: The Wine brings first-person survival horror to Switch in July

Horror Tales: The Wine Nintendo Switch release date July 30, 2021 Switch main development platform Carlos Coronado

Developer Carlos Coronado has pegged a July 30, 2021 release date for first-person survival horror game Horror Tales: The Wine on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Notably, the game has been “developed with Nintendo Switch as the main development platform,” and Coronado is emphatic that it is not just another PC port. Horror Tales: The Wine will run at 30 FPS at 1080p docked and 30 FPS at 720p handheld, and Coronado has uploaded a clip to Twitter as “proof” of the game “running flawlessly on a Nintendo Switch.” Alternatively, you can watch the game’s official trailer below.

Horror Tales: The Wine occurs on a fictional Mediterranean island after the end of the pandemic. You are ostensibly in an abandoned city seeking “a precious Banydebosc red wine bottle to cure the Devil’s Fevers illness,” but the “Nemesis” is stalking you. Meanwhile, you will also be solving environmental riddles and physics puzzles in an “interconnected vertical world.” There is a photo mode and more than 20 game accessibility options as well.

The Wine is actually only the first in a series of Horror Tales intended to come to Nintendo Switch and all the other aforementioned platforms. In the future, The Beggar and The Astronaut (the latter of which involves zero gravity) will also be released. But if you’d like to play a Carlos Coronado game on your Switch right now, you can check out a much different type of game, Koral.

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