Hori Pokémon controller and accessory range revealed

Hori Pokémon controller and accessory range revealed Nintendo Switch

Hori has become one of the most prominent third-party accessory manufacturers recently, and the company isn’t slowing down. They’ve now revealed a huge lineup of Pokémon peripherals, containing controllers, Nintendo Switch cases, and other accessories. As with all recent Hori releases, these are officially licensed too.

They will start to become available this November across most major regions including North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Preorders should be up soon at major retailers, especially as we’re only about a month away from launch. Here’s what Hori has to offer.

There are a couple of new variations on the company’s Split Pad Pro, a popular alternative to official Joy-Con. These don’t contain rumble, gyro, or wireless functionality, but they provide a great experience for solely handheld use. The two new designs are Pikachu Black & Gold and Pikachu & Eevee. These will set you back $59.99 a pair.

Pokémon Hori controllerHori Pokémon controller and accessory range revealed

Hori will additionally release two new variations of its mini controllers, and the designs match those of the above Split Pad Pros. There’s also a new wireless Pro Controller (below) and a single left Joy-Con with “+” pad, both of which follow the black and gold Pikachu design theme.

Hori pro controller

Outside of controller options, Hori is bringing a selection of new cases and stands to market. There’s another black and gold theme for one of its new Nintendo Switch Lite shell cases and a “Pikachu & Friends” one also. Furthermore, we’re getting a full-size Switch stand and a pair of Switch vault cases that can hold any Nintendo Switch model. Personally, I think the Pikachu & Friends designs look top notch.

Hori Lite case accessories Nintendo SwitchHori Lite Case accessories Nintendo Switch

Will you be picking up any of these Hori Pokémon controllers or accessories next month? Additional images and pricing details are available at Nintendo Life.


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