Hori D-Pad Joy-Con & Switch Case Unboxing + Review

Hori Joy-Con Hori Joycon

Curious how the latest Hori Joy-Con controller plays with its spiffy D-pad? We have got you covered! We also checked out Hori’s latest Nintendo Switch cases as well.

Disclaimer: These products were provided by Hori for review purposes.

If you were wanting to know some quick bullet points on the products, I will list my thoughts below.

Hori traveling case (Mario and Zelda-themed) for Nintendo Switch thoughts

  • Case tightly packs the Switch inside when two Joy-Con are attached. Though, there is a bit of wiggle room when shaking left to right.
  • Interior designs in both themed cases were done really well and they’re bursting with style.
  • The red Mario case, in particular, is a favorite of mine. Although, it might have people on the plane staring.
  • This case is the perfect option for gamers who are constantly bringing the Switch with them on the go. It’s not much larger than the Switch itself, so keeping it in your bag isn’t much of a hassle.
Here is the Super Mario Hori case. This shade of red is gorgeous!

Hori Joy-Con with D-pad thoughts

  • Instantly loved the feel of the D-pad. I used it in various types of games. Mostly side-scrollers, of course.
  • The D-pad is a bit too mushy for my liking, but it’s still a much better option than using the default Joy-Con buttons.
  • I also prefer this D-pad over the one featured on the Switch Pro Controller — Switch Pro D-pad is a bit too stiff.
  • Unfortunately, this Joy-Con doesn’t offer wireless play. It’s strictly for handheld mode only.
  • There are also no internal battery, no amiibo functionality, and no gyro functions.
  • I prefer the design of the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Joy-Con due to its more simplistic design.
  • I wish Hori were selling right Joy-Con that matched.
  • I noticed that the L/R and LZ/RZ buttons are a lot more “clicky” than the original Joy-Con’s buttons, and I prefer them. (Once again,  I wish Hori were selling a matching right Joy-Con because of this.)
Here is a close up look at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario designs on the Hori Joy-Con

That’s my general thoughts on Hori’s latest products for Nintendo Switch — be sure to check out the video above to get my full impressions. Do you plan on picking any of these accessories up? Be sure to leave all of your thoughts in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our Facebook page.

About the product via Amazon

  • Add a d-pad to your Nintendo Switch!
  • For use in handheld/portable mode only
  • Perfect for d-pad intensive titles
  • Legend of Zelda artwork and design
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo

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