HORI is releasing Street Fighter arcade sticks for the Switch

Street Fighter fans who hate traditional console controllers, fret not. HORI has announced it will be releasing some limited-edition Street Fighter arcade sticks later this year. Why? Because competitive fighter fans aren’t getting down on the action via Joy-Cons. That’s why.

HORI will be releasing the Switch Fighting Stick Mini models at $59.99 a pop. These will come with Ryu & Ken or Chun-Li & Cammy designs, in dark blue or red colors. HORI is also releasing Real Arcade Pro sticks that will retail at $159.99, also available with a dark blue colorway featuring Chun-Li, or a red coloring with Ryu. The Mini controllers are budget-friendly, of course, but regardless of size, they’ve still got a full 8-button layout to boot. Both controllers will be wired, and it’s noted that the Real Arcade Pro sticks are tournament-legal. Pre-orders are available now on Amazon.

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All four options of these Street Fighter arcade sticks will release on October 15, 2019. Exciting news for the Nintendo Switch owner who longs for competitive fighting gamesmanship, for sure. Finally, some sturdy arcade-feel to accompany the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection that the Nintendo Switch saw last year.

Will you be purchasing any variation of these HORI Street Fighter arcade sticks?


Kevin Cortez
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