Hope and a dream: Final Fantasy IX fan-made trailer hits YouTube

Final Fantasy IX fan trailer

Final Fantasy IX is a beloved title. You can play it on Switch, get merchandise based on it, and even watch an upcoming animated adaptation. But what about those of us who want a full-on remake of the game? Well, it might be coming at some point. That hasn’t stopped gamers from trying to make it more of a reality, though. A team of professional developers and artists have created a fan trailer for Final Fantasy IX, with the aim being to get Square Enix motivated to create the upgrade.

If Final Fantasy IX ever ends up looking like this, I’ll pre-order it in a heartbeat

The experiment, dubbed the Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project, has a teaser trailer below:

As far as proof of concepts goes, this is wildly impressive. The lighting and graphics are particularly great, and Vivi is quite expressive.

The team for Memoria Project was only two people last year. Now, there are 28. Its project lead, Dan Eder, also hopes to show what cinematics and combat can potentially look like if Final Fantasy IX were remade today.

More information on the passion project can be viewed on its website.

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on this Final Fantasy IX fan trailer? Do you hope a remake looks just like this? Let us know below.

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