Grand Theft Auto III on Switch is a reality via some homebrewing

grand theft auto iii switch nintendo switch homebrew mod rockstar games

The Nintendo Switch homebrew community really is wonderful. While Rockstar Games seems to be ignoring Nintendo’s hybrid platform for the most part, these talented people have somehow managed to get Grand Theft Auto III running on it. The news has been broadcast by Modern Vintage Gamer, which shared a video showcasing the classic game on Switch.

Homebrewers were able to get Grand Theft Auto III running on Switch apparently in part thanks to developers leaving “debug symbols” in the code of the PlayStation 2 release. This makes it possible to reverse-engineer the game, and apparently the conversion here done for Switch is exceptional. It runs in 16:9 widescreen with an apparently solid frame rate, and Modern Vintage Gamer outright calls its performance “excellent.”

A classic game that many of us grew up with running perfectly on a Nintendo handheld device is pretty wild, though an official release isn’t likely. Rockstar Games hasn’t ignored the Switch entirely, as it did release a version of L.A. Noire with Virtuos, but there are plenty more games in its library where that came from. For instance, people have been clamoring for Grand Theft Auto V for years, but failing that, a collection of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas would be pretty nice too.


Jamie Sharp
Started out playing Metroid 2 on the GameBoy at around 5 years-old, and now I write about games all day long. Can't play Switch and drive, I've tried. As time goes on the Switch is quickly becoming my favourite console of all time.