Chocobo sheet music is shared online, inviting musicians to play it

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The noble chocobo runs across the countryside wild and free while the rest of us are stuck inside due to a global pandemic. What is an adventuring bard to do with all their restless energy? Square Enix suggests that they regale us all with their skill and talent by showcasing their own spin on the jaunty Chocobo theme. The “Home de Chocobo” initiative on Final Fantasy Twitter invites musicians to record and remix the sheet music they have released.

Let’s have a look at some of my own personal favorite Home de Chocobo creations so far:

Starting off strong, we’ve got this funky rock cover by @opera_yo on five-string bass, which has a full version on YouTube.

The lovely guitar and flute duet above could fit at a renaissance faire, folk concert, or traveling the overworld with your closest childhood friends.

@hacchaku_s gives us a cute little chocobo march for Home de Chocobo. The synth whistle reminds me of ’90s anime, but the rest is pure fun downtime material. Your party is definitely in a theme park or a cutscene.

@srkw3 used a homebrew Famicom to play “Techno de Chocobo” from Final Fantasy VI with an 8-bit feel.

@mimmimimmi30‘s toy piano take on the Chocobo theme sounds like it’s coming out of a music box. Maybe it’s playing during a cutscene where a supporting character is looking through their childhood bedroom and it turns out there’s a secret hidden inside the knickknack.

@seer38 sings an adorable song about chocobos while accompanied by piano. I don’t think there are any real words in this song, but it just gets me, you know?

This jazzy sax cover for HomedeChocobo is classic tavern stuff.

What music challenge would be complete without an acapella cover? @ShumayelK gives us this one with gusto.

Likewise, classical guitar has to show up or it’s not a Twitter music prompt, is it? This one by @kairiskywalker_ is my favorite, but there are plenty more for fans of flashback cutscene music.

This calming rendition on keyboard and clarinet by @miyacla sounds like rest music. It’s for a classic sleepy town where nothing happens, but your party can gear up for the trials ahead.

@Linklegend8‘s piano rendition sounds like it would be at home accompanying something like Cuphead.

@SoundCirclet has an amazing EDM-style remix that perfectly recreates the feeling of crafting and merging items.

Finally, we have a slightly more official Home de Chocobo entry. Yasunori Nishiki, who worked on Octopath Traveler and Final Fantasy VII Remake, gives us his rendition on the piano, with more minor keys than you’d expect from such an upbeat tune. This one sounds like your party is fighting a secret boss with way too many hit points.

It’s no secret that I love the “Chocobo Theme.” Of course, the lyrics from LegendaryFrog’s classic video will be stuck in my head for about a decade, but it’s a small price to pay to deliver such quality content to you fine Enthusiasts. Also, be sure to check out the Japanese hashtag to get the full Home de Chocobo experience. Bwak on!

Dominick Ashtear