Hollow Knight: Silksong teases new character “Huntress”

hollow knight silksong huntress

All has been quiet on the Hollow Knight: Silksong front for all of 2020, the upcoming sequel to indie action platformer Hollow Knight from the talented team at Team Cherry. What started as a modest expansion DLC for their hit game soon ballooned in size enough to warrant being turned into a standalone release, but details on said release have been pretty scant. After sharing a holiday blog post that revealed some new enemies and music for the game in December of 2019, Team Cherry has been pretty silent. Info on a brand new character for Hollow Knight: Silksong has just surfaced, though, and it’s all thanks to a little riddle on Discord.

hollow knight silksong huntress

Matthew Griffin, playtester and PR & Marketing Manager at Team Cherry, hopped onto the official Hollow Knight Discord server to share a peculiar riddle with fans, accompanied by a password-locked .zip file. Solving the riddle led to finding the password for the locked file – “huntress” – and using that password revealed the above image of a brand new character who likely goes by that name. The .zip file also contained a brief clip of Hollow Knight: Silksong gameplay showing protagonist Hornet meeting the new character, as well as the following passage of text:

“Ssssppiiiderr, Your ssstench is strange yet similar… Have you come bearing the organs of others? Or would you offer your own? Gift your sshell’s warm insidess as ssweet feast for my brood’sss birth-meal?”

A towering old predator, awaiting her children to come. Though her attention is fixed on her task, she seems to know much about the waning state of Pharloom, scorning the Citadel above and the hapless pilgrims that make their ascent towards it.

Hollow Knight: Silksong doesn’t currently have a release date or even a release window, but it’s slated to arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch whenever it’s finished.


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