Hollow Knight: Silksong teaser reveals a caravan of fleas

Hollow Knight Silksong fleas

Hollow Knight is one of the best indie games in recent memory, and developer Team Cherry is hard at work on a sequel. What started as a DLC update starring Hornet evolved into a full-blown sequel titled Silksong. Development kicked off around two years ago, but they’ve been silent on a release date. We haven’t received a new trailer since E3 2019, but a few details have trickled out since then. Team Cherry has been testing its Discord community with riddles that reveal new characters when solved. Following the reveal of the Huntress, a new riddle has introduced a traveling band of fleas.

Hollow Knight: Silksong fleas revealed

Here’s all of the newly-revealed text related to the fleas, courtesy of Hollow Knight YouTuber mossbag. First up, there’s a direct quote from the caravan of fleas.

You’re a traveller? A kindred spirit! We hear it’s good luck for wanderers to meet on an unfamiliar path. It’s luck we need too, for these roads are haunted and danger snarls at us from every dark corner.

Our caravan has only a single, humble wish, but it seems now as though it will never be granted…

Then there’s some flavor text detailing their purpose in Pharloom.

A friendly band of travellers trekking the dangerous roads of Pharloom in search of something precious. Masters of the journey, their caravan boasts a bounty of flavourful food, powerful drinks and some surprising amenities.

They wish to gather the playful young fleas scattered across the kingdom, but this land is far more dangerous than they thought.

It sounds like rounding up these fleas will be one of Hornet’s missions in Silksong. Hollow Knight featured dozens of hidden grubs that could be collected for a reward, and this seems like it will be Pharloom’s equivalent. However, the sequel will have a more robust quest system, so it could be handled differently this time around.

Team Cherry also included a GIF of Hornet encountering the fleas. As mossbag points out, we can glean some additional details from the UI showcased here. Most notably, Hornet appears to have armor over one of her health masks. It’s unclear what this means, but I’m intrigued! It’s not much, but I’ll take whatever Hollow Knight: Silksong news I can get.

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