History: Limited Run: The Complete Run is now available for purchase

Limited Run: The Complete Run available

Did you know Limited Run makes books in addition to physical games? We’ve actually reviewed two of them here at Nintendo Enthusiast. Notable gaming historian Jeremy Parish penned the Works tomes for the company. Now, he’s joining forces with the physical preservers once again for Limited Run: The Complete Run Vol. 1, which is now available for purchase. The book details the organization’s first year of business and covers more than two dozen titles.

I wonder how many volumes of The Complete Run there will be?

Check out the original social media announcement for the product below:

Gamers who are eager to read about the publisher’s games have two options. They can buy either hardcover ($54.99) or softcover ($24.99). Note the hardcover version will only have 900 copies worldwide and comes with handwritten signatures from LR’s founders, Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart.

The publication features in-depth looks at each game’s design, high-resolution screenshots, and scans of all content included in each release.

If you are interested in reading an excerpt from the volume, you can do so here.

Enthusiasts, are you happy Limited Run: The Complete Run Vol. 1 is now available? Will you be purchasing either edition for a good dose of gaming knowledge? Let us know below.


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