Hinomaruko is a new game from the Senran Kagura developers

hinomaruko tgs screenshot

Tamsoft Corporation is no stranger to the world of anime action games. It established the Senran Kagura series, created the Onechanbara games, and is even responsible for the action spin-off entries in the massive Hyperdimension Neptunia series. Now, these acclaimed Japanese developers are introducing us to the new world of Hinomaruko, a video game about an anime girl punching giant communist mechas until they explode.

Announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, this new action title is the first game from Tamsoft Corporation to come to the Nintendo Switch. It’s set in a military-centric world seemingly conquered by a power-thirsty and highly advanced military, and it sees a young girl donned in traditional Japanese clothing and high-powered gauntlets fighting her way through waves of giant robots and pilebunker-equipped soldiers.

A trailer for Hinomaruko was released shortly after its announcement at TGS. Thanks to Gematsu, we have a full translation of the story details divulged in the video:

2039 A.D.

The lifeline of the Empire of Japan was likely to collapse.

The country was devastated by the repeated defeat and frequent battles in the Great East Asian War, which spanned over 100 years.

Now, most of the country is occupied by enemy nations, and American and Soviet Union military forces are approaching the Imperial Capital, Tokyo.

It was clear to everyone that the country’s downfall was just a matter of time.

Until today…

In the trailer, we also spot another equally armed and dangerous anime girl rocking blonde hair and a deadly blade. While she certainly seems like a villain, it isn’t clear yet if she’ll be a playable character at some point. A majority of the action games made by Tamsoft Corporation feature multiple playable characters, so it would be strange for Hinomaruko to be the exception.

Hinomaruko is set to release on Nintendo Switch, though a release date is currently unknown.


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