High Score Netflix documentary about games is narrated by Charles Martinet

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The opening credits for High Score, the upcoming Netflix documentary series about the history of video games, have been shared online as a first teaser for the series. It’s a charming and attractive pixelated introduction that reveals the show is a Great Big Story production, which is pretty cool, but let’s face it — the real headline here (literally) is the narrator. It’s being narrated by Charles Martinet, the eternally beloved voice of Super Mario and other Nintendo characters.

Check out the opening below to whet your appetite, ahead of the documentary’s full release on Aug. 19.

Nintendo Enthusiast will be providing a review for High Score on Netflix next week. Right now, per embargoes, our lips are sealed. All I can really say is that it delivers the kind of creative production values one would expect of Netflix. Also, if you’re not intimately familiar with Charles Martinet’s normal, non-Mario voice, you probably wouldn’t realize he was the narrator of High Score without the credits telling you as much. That’s a good thing though, of course. It would be pretty distracting, albeit hilarious, to sit through hours of Super Mario recounting video game history.

For more details about High Score on Netflix, including some screenshots, check out our previous coverage of the documentary. The series will touch upon many renowned video games, like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Street Fighter II, and Doom. Check back next Wednesday for our review!

John Friscia
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