Hideki Kamiya wants to make many more 2D games after Sol Cresta

Hideki Kamiya 2D games wants to make more genres after Sol Cresta Neo Classic Arcade PlatinumGames top-down action shooter sidescroller Super Mario Bros. The Tower of Druaga

The final part of Cutscenes’ spectacular series of interviews with PlatinumGames designer Hideki Kamiya is here, discussing the upcoming shooter Sol Cresta, why the game is branded the first in a “Neo Classic Arcade” series, and Kamiya’s desire to continue making 2D games of different classic genres. Kamiya explained that the games that first excited him into wanting to become a game designer were of course 2D games, like Super Mario Bros. and The Tower of Druaga, but by the time he entered the industry, it had shifted toward 3D game development. That means Hideki Kamiya has been itching to make 2D games for a long time (though one presumes Viewtiful Joe helped scratch that itch), and he wants to continue designing 2D games in different genres at PlatinumGames.

But he doesn’t want to do it just for himself. Rather, these 2D titles involve shorter development cycles and require smaller development teams than complex AAA titles like Bayonetta 3, which means each designer on the team can feel a greater sense of ownership over the final result. Kamiya believes that will be a boon for PlatinumGames.

Talking about Sol Cresta and a desire to make more 2D games, Hideki Kamiya explained that “we’re calling this the first game of the Neo Classic Arcade series. Meaning we want to make a second, then a third game. It doesn’t mean that they’ll all be shoot ’em up style. I want to make side-scrolling action, shooters, top-down action, games that revolve around classic game design. I want to keep going with this type of lineup, where I’m not the only one put in front, but where younger creators get their chance as well, so they can experience these game design cycles and gain experience in game creation. I believe it’s a big step for PlatinumGames to be able to launch this process.”

We are 100% in favor of Hideki Kamiya digging deeper into 2D games with Neo Classic Arcade and fostering the talents of his PlatinumGames developers along the way. There are absolutely no downsides here, and I would love to see what a Kamiya top-down action game looks like. Kamiya insists he doesn’t want to make these games just for the sake of making them either; he wants to introduce new, worthwhile gameplay mechanics each time.

What do you think about these possibilities?


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