Hideki Kamiya has story and gameplay ideas for an Okami sequel

hideki kamiya okami sequel

Longtime game producer Hideki Kamiya recently sat down for a series of interviews, diving deep into the history of some of his games. While discussing Okami, he revealed that it originated as a photorealistic farming sim. Later in the same interview, he expressed a strong desire to make an Okami sequel. Kamiya has talked about this hope in the past, and it seems his fervor has only grown over the years.

Hideki Kamiya wants an Okami sequel

Kamiya and his team had many ideas for Okami that never made it into the game, but at the time they thought they could just be used in the sequel.

When building a new IP, you get a lot of ideas mid-development that you want to implement. However, in the later part of development, some of these ideas cannot be implemented anymore for system or schedule reasons. You start saying “Let’s put what we couldn’t do this time in the sequel.” In Okami, for both the story and the Celestial Brush’s mechanics, we talked about how we could take time and develop these further in a sequel, making it more fun and stress-free. We obviously wanted to make a sequel. Ultimately, things took another turn.

However, Kamiya wasn’t around for DS successor Okamiden, and many fans are still awaiting a proper sequel. Although Okami was not a big hit at launch, it has developed a larger following thanks to several ports.

Okami HD fuels the flames

Okami HD attracted many new fans, and the renewed interest has Kamiya itching to return to that game world.

Okami wasn’t a commercial hit back when we released it. It didn’t sell that many copies. However, it gradually became a critical success, positively received by many people. It eventually reached even more people with the release of Okami HD on various platforms. It grew the player base and allowed even more people to enjoy the game. At the same time, I started seeing people ask about these plot points that were left hanging, asking for a sequel. The more I see those, the more I feel this is work that I’ve left unfinished. There’s always this part of me that thinks that I need to take care of this at some point. I want to do it someday.

Last year, Kamiya went so far as to say “Okami is going to be back,” teasing that Ikumi Nakamura would help him develop it. He later admitted that he jumped the gun on this idea, but Nakamura wants to make it happen. Here’s hoping that dream becomes a reality someday.


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