Hideki Kamiya explains the philosophy that created Bayonetta

Hideki Kamiya on Bayonetta at Platinum Games

ChinaJoy 2019 recently concluded, bringing together international game companies to show off new and upcoming works. Among the festivities, Platinum Games’ studio head Atsushi Inaba and chief game designer Hideki Kamiya appeared to give a talk on the history of the company and the origins of Bayonetta. Siliconera has provided a summary of the highlights.

Like a lot of game developers, Platinum Games began with a lot of talent but not a lot of money. However, their goal was still to make games completely different than what others were doing. Kamiya initially considered making a Wii game that made unique use of motion controls, but Inaba vetoed it for financial reasons.

There actually weren’t any plans for an action game like Bayonetta until a colleague randomly said to Kamiya that he would like to play “another 3D game” from Hideki Kamiya again. This somehow got the gears turning, and Bayonetta resulted.

Siliconera summarizes how Kamiya described his philosophy on making action games like Bayonetta:

No matter what game it is, he feels that action games need special actions that will make players feel good when using it. He also remembers to put in limitations on player actions, which is inspired by his history of playing retro games with these limitations (such as not being able to change direction mid-jump).

Even though Platinum Games is primarily known for bombastic action titles, Kamiya doesn’t want the company to only make them. Personally, I’d be crazy curious to see Platinum’s take on a strict JRPG. What about you? What surprise might you like to see them pull out of the hat?

In the meantime, Platinum’s Astral Chain releases on Aug. 30 for Nintendo Switch.


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