Here’s how you find the secret egg in Deltarune Chapter 2

deltarune chapter 2 egg

Deltarune Chapter 2 is out now, and that means thousands of players are combing every inch of it for secrets. And ooh boy does it have secrets. If you played Chapter 1, you may have found (or heard about) a secret room where you can acquire an egg that becomes a Key Item. You can’t do much with this egg, but players speculated it would become more important later. As it turns out, it was the first of (likely) many. There’s a secret egg in Deltarune Chapter 2 as well, and we’re here to tell you how to find it! 

Deltarune Chapter 2 egg

As before, the secret egg in Chapter 2 is hidden in the Dark World. This time it takes the form of Cyber City. Once you enter this realm, play through it normally, moving along to the right and progressing through the story. After Noelle has joined you and the two of you have traveled beyond the golden statue, you’ll come to a series of highways with red cars controlled by a 5-second stoplight and yellow cars controlled by a 9-second stoplight. 

Press the 9-second light, then the 5-second light, and sprint downwards through the traffic. Before the cars start moving again, you need to go down, through a narrow passage on your right, down again, and then exit the highway onto a pathway on the left. If you’re in the right area, one of the doors should display this message when you interact with it:

deltarune chapter 2 egg

Continue walking to the left, and you’ll transition into a new room without Noelle. Push forward to this room and trigger the cutscene, which I’ll leave as a surprise. When the cutscene ends, you should be in a new room. Interact with the graffiti on the wall to receive this message:

Exit the room, then immediately re-enter. Do this over and over and over again. Again, if you found the egg in Chapter 1, this should feel familiar. After numerous screen transitions, you should finally find yourself in a new room that didn’t exist before. Walk through the room, and you’ll see a familiar tree. 

deltarune chapter 2 egg

You can’t interact directly with the tree this time, but otherwise, it works like last time. There is an invisible man hidden behind the tree. When given a dialogue prompt, select “Yes,” and you’ll get another egg in your Key Items.

Back in the Light World

You may recall that in Chapter 1 you could take the egg back with you to the Light World and store it in Asgore’s refrigerator. Doing so, strangely, would give you a message that there are now two eggs in there. Similarly, in Deltarune Chapter 2 you can take the egg into Sans’s grocery store and add it to his pile of eggs. The text will tell you that there are now more eggs than usual.

You can also now go to the school and speak with Temmie to trigger further egg shenanigans. Temmie will set an egg on her desk, and you can interact with it to see how many eggs you have collected thus far. It seems likely that there will be one hidden in each chapter… but to what endgame? We’ll just have to keep waiting to find out.

In the meantime, why not check out our guide on how to unlock the secret route in Deltarune Chapter 2?

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