Here’s How FIFA 19 Looks on Switch in Handheld Mode

EA has kicked off E3 2018 with their EA Play event. This allows showgoers to try out all of the games they announced during their presentation, including FIFA 19. Switch versions of the game are on the show floor, and thus naturally gameplay videos have begun to emerge. The first of which can be seen below.

This comes from Twitter user “The Katbot” from USGamer who uploaded a very small snippet of off-screen gameplay footage of FIFA 19 running in handheld mode on the Switch:

This definitely isn’t the cleanest look at the game by any means, but it does give us a taste of what the development team has done with this year’s release. It was reported a few days ago that the Switch version of FIFA 19 has received some technical upgrades.

USGamer was able to get some more details as to what’s changed this time around from the game’s producer, Andrei Lazarescu. According to Lazarescu, the shooting mechanics have been upgraded, as well as the addition of online multiplayer with friends. Lazarescu also confirmed that the AI system has been improved with a Switch-version of the ‘Team ID’ feature that has been implemented which makes the AI players “play more like their real-life counterparts”.

While FIFA 19 is a step-up over its predecessor on Switch, it’s still a step behind the PS4/Xbox One versions. It’s still missing the story mode called “The Journey” due to the Switch version once again not running on the Frostbite engine that’s on the other systems. It instead is running on a custom-built engine. Lazarescu explained that the team is still sticking to trying to maintain a “flawless 60FPS experience” and admits that there are “some gaps”  between this custom engine and Frostbite but says that it will improve: “…every year we’re not just looking to add more future, we’re also looking to build up the engine to cover those gaps. And it’s just year 2, after all.”

Some direct-feed footage of FIFA 19 running in docked mode on Switch will provide the definitive way to see the upgrades that have been made to the engine.

FIFA 19 launches on Switch and other platforms on September 28.

A.K Rahming
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