Here’s a new amazing batch of Game Boy Pokémon sprites in 3D

3D Pokémon sprites pixel art Cort Game Boy

We recently covered the amazing models of @Cortoony — or Cort — who has reproduced the original Game Boy Pokémon sprites with extraordinary fidelity in 3D. These 3D models look virtually identical to the original pixel art, yet they rotate a full 360 degrees and seem like witchcraft to behold. But fortunately, the witchery doesn’t stop there. Cort has continued converting Pokémon Red and Blue (and Yellow) sprites, as well as Gold and Silver sprites and other surprising oddities. Here are the latest additions, including Gengar, Kangaskhan, and, uh… Missingno?

Cort is evidently starting to have fun depicting more esoteric aspects of the early franchise with these Pokémon sprite models (or the artist’s Ko-fi donators are having fun, at least). “Kotora” doesn’t officially exist, being an unused creature for Gold and Silver. Meanwhile, Missingno is the product of a glitch in Pokémon Red and Blue that took on a rumor-filled life of its own. And the spooky “Ghost” character is what you see in the Pokémon Tower in Red and Blue before you obtain the Silph Scope.

If you have Twitter and aren’t following Cort, you should change that right away. Skills like these deserve to be recognized! Also, we just want to keep seeing more of these 3D Pokémon sprites.


John Friscia
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