Here are the top-selling third-party games on Nintendo consoles

top-selling third-party games Nintendo consoles

Sports is full of number junkies who love nerding out over stats — and so are video games. Mat Piscatella, an analyst for the NPD Group, has started sharing randoms bunches of fascinating data on Twitter about top-selling video games over the years. Among that, Piscatella revealed the top-selling third-party game for each home Nintendo console beginning with Nintendo 64. Most of the top-selling third-party games aren’t wildly surprising, but I’m particularly jazzed to see WCW/nWo Revenge there.

WCW/nWo Revenge and WWF No Mercy from Aki Corporation are still generally regarded as the greatest wrestling games ever made, so it’s nice to see one of those two on the list. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for GameCube makes a lot of sense as well, as it marked the first time someone could play a Sonic Adventure title outside of Dreamcast. (Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut actually released later.) The game also benefited from a strong rush of “Sonic on Nintendo” hype, as Sonic Advance released on Game Boy Advance nearly simultaneously in North America.

Meanwhile, it’s a bit surprising that Guitar Hero World Tour beat out another, less-equipment-intensive party game on Wii like Just Dance. Lego Dimensions taking the top on Wii U is similarly a little surprising, but not extremely so. And finally, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Switch practically feels like cheating, what with Mario right there in the title and all.

What do you make of these top-selling third-party Nintendo console games? Are you surprised or pleased with any of it? I wish I could see how things sold on NES and SNES as well, but I suppose readily available data only goes back so far!


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