Here are all the great Nintendo Black Friday deals that are live right now

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2020 is such a weird year that it has apparently obliterated the concept of days, because today, Tuesday, Oct. 13, is somehow the beginning of two days of Black Friday deals at retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Granted, only Best Buy has fully embraced calling them “Black Friday” deals, but the sentiment is there. Some retailers also have “flash sales” going, encouraging you to check back all day long to see what new, frivolous thing is a little cheaper than usual. However, we’ve attempted to do at least a little legwork for you by locating most of the deals going on Nintendo Switch games. Here are some Nintendo Black Friday (*sigh*) deals to consider.

Nintendo Black Friday deals

Amazon Prime Day deals seem to be a bit more piecemeal and prone to come in flash sales, as is the case with Deadly Premonition Origins, so we encourage you to just dive in to their Nintendo Black Friday deals and see what’s there. But here are all of the major offerings from the other retailers:

Best Buy Black Friday Nintendo deals

GameStop 1Up Sale Nintendo deals

Target deal days Nintendo deals

Walmart “The big save” Nintendo deals

Walmart notably is the only retailer with discounts on recent first-party Nintendo games, but all of the retailers have something worthwhile to consider. In nearly all cases, the prices above will run through tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 14.

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