Help Kickstart Ping 2, a New Indie Wii U Game

Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres is a new style of game based on the very simple physics of Pong except expanded so far into a new idea, it’s created an exceptional retro/modern blend! Ping 1 on the Android Play Store received over 25,000 downloads over the summer, which prompted this sequel to be made. Originally this title was going to be once again another Android title, but the creator, Christopher Arnold, was able to get in contact with Nintendo and is now planning on moving the game to Wii U and computer platforms since the amount of power needed for the game has increased. To be able to afford the fees, a Kickstarter campaign is being launched to help the title reach the Wii U by summer 2014.


NAMI TENTOU MUSHI is a company with a small team of four people working on the game Ping 2, each working on a specific part of the game. With a month of progress already done, the game is beginning to take shape as most of the tools needed to build the levels have been programmed. Now the upcoming months will be fleshing out the game and fine tuning the other two gameplay modes that the developer has planned for it.


Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres is a puzzle game in which you bounce the cube through obstacles, enemies, moving blocks, invisible blocks, bombs, and much more to reach your goal. Ping 1 was known for it’s frustrating difficulty curve that happens about midpoint in the game and seems to have captivated the retro gaming crowd since newer games tend to have a much easier curve to difficulty. Ping 2 will still feature this level of difficulty and because of this it’s aimed at the more experienced gaming crowd.

Omar T