Have a Blast brings kinetic multiplayer action to Switch next month

Have a Blast

Developer Firenut recently announced that it is bringing Have a Blast to Switch toward the end of next month, with an August 26 release date. The game, which is primarily built for local multiplayer chaos, challenges players to survive in dangerously crowded cosmic arenas as they fight other players to the bitter end. Have a Blast is one of those games that is easier understood when watched rather than when explained, so do us both a favor and check out the trailer below.

Have a Blast takes its simple premise of a kinetic space deathmatch and packs it tight with content. The game comes with 15 varied maps (with more on the way), five different ships to play in, a handful of different modes, and bot support, great for solo play or for rounding out a roster in a multiplayer match.

If Have a Blast catches your eye, you may want to preorder it – while the game costs $17.99 normally, you can currently take advantage of a pre-launch discount that brings the game’s price down to $14.39.

Are you interested in playing Have a Blast? What do you think of what we saw on display in the trailer? Personally, I think that the game looks pretty fun, but I can’t tell at a glance if it could possibly be good enough to break into my go-to multiplayer rotation on Switch – that would mean going head to head with greats like Towerfall and Ultimate Chicken Horse. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Nick Pearson
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