Harvest Moon: One World announced for Switch, coming in fall


Today Natsume Inc. and Rising Star Games have announced Harvest Moon: One World. The game is set to launch for Nintendo Switch this fall and will offer players a brand new way to explore the world within the Harvest Moon franchise.

In Harvest Moon: One World, players will meet friends they might recognize from older games, as well as fresh new faces. There will also be a range of unique villages to find and learn about, and a plethora of challenges that will make tending to your farm more of an adventure than a relaxing lifestyle.

Hiro Maekawa, CEO and president of Natsume Inc., says new and old fans alike will enjoy this game. While the family-friendly farming simulation remains at the core of the game, an improved engine means that this will be the best-looking entry ever seen.

For reasons yet to be revealed, the latest game’s world has no tomatoes, strawberries, cabbage — fruit and vegetables just seem to be AWOL. An old book explains things used to be different though, so over the course of the game, players will change not just the face of their farm, but the entire world. Locations to explore include the snowy peaks of Salmiakki and the beaches of Halo Halo.

Harvest Moon is the franchise that kicked off the farming simulation genre, laying the foundation for numerous popular subsequent games. However, through an odd series of events, the original development team making those games doesn’t have the rights to that name anymore, and it’s different people making One World and other HM titles. The original development team is instead developing the Story of Seasons series — basically the same games with a different name.

While we don’t have a release date for Harvest Moon: One World just yet, there is an official website that you can keep an eye on in the meantime.

Jamie Sharp
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