Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Gets North American Release Date

Natsume Inc. announced on Twitter this morning that Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will be released on November 4th, 2014 in North America for the Nintendo 3DS.

Harvest Moon has the player maintain their own farm. In previous installments of the franchise, players take an old neglected farm and turn it into a place of productivity by gradually upgraded the crops, livestock, and the land itself. The Lost Valley will be the first installment which allows the player to modify the landscape itself in a Minecraft like fashion. By adding and removing dirt, the landscape can be transformed into any shape.

A developer diary from July lists some other small improvements to the next Harvest Moon game. Tools will now be context sensitive, meaning the game automatically knows what tool the players wants to use based on what they are standing next to. The tools will also now be upgradable via \’Harvest Sprites\’, whom the player asks for help from instead of mining away for more ore. Finally, each item in the player’s bag can stack up to 255 times to reduce the amount of time spent traveling back to a storage container, such as the tool box or refrigerator.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley has been confirmed to be released in Europe sometime in 2015.

Alex Boe