Harder to Develop Games on the Wii U? Not the Case Says Renegade Kid.

Recently a popular website released an article that was from an \”anonymous Third Party developer\” which chronicled the \”struggle\” of developing games for the Wii U. From basic programming to online structure to dealing with Nintendo, the article took place during the launch window of the system. The article then concludes that is why Third Party companies tend to shy away from the Wii U. Curious, I decided to Tweet my friend Jools Watsham over at Renegade Kid to see his stance on this, since the anonymity would be null and void. I received back the following exclusive information.

@ShawnLong85 I am not a programmer, but from what I gather the Wii U is not more difficult to develop for than other platforms.

— Jools Watsham (@JoolsWatsham) January 11, 2014


@ShawnLong85 The lack of 3rd party support is the same as it was for 3DS at the beginning of its life. Look at how that’s doing now.

— Jools Watsham (@JoolsWatsham) January 11, 2014

Hopefully this will help shed some light on the situation when one of the biggest indie developers on Nintendo platforms disagrees with the recent article that is circulating the internet.


I had the owner of a new Wii U indie company, Nami Tentou, reach out to me to respond to this situation. Nami Tentou is a licensed Wii U developer. They had the following to say, which strengthens the case of the situation.

@JoolsWatsham @ShawnLong85 It isn\’t more difficult to develop for Nintendo Wii U. It sounds like that developer had a super early devkit

— Christopher F Arnold (@Kurisuellegarde) January 12, 2014



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