Half of Switch owners are women

The video game industry has seen a long trek to parity between the genders. Every year, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) releases metrics for the game industry as a whole.  Last year, for example, women comprised 45 percent of all US gamers. According to a report by EEDAR, a subsidiary of the NPD group, fully half of Nintendo Switch owners are women. While some games like Animal Crossing have skewed toward female ownership, full parity is virtually unheard of for a video game console in the game industry.

In EEDAR’s first report on the Switch, roughly six months after the Switch launched, 70 percent of Switch owners were men. This means that since that time, a significant majority of new Switch owners have been women.

Early Adopters vs LTD Owners

We also have new data on the age of Switch owners. Since 2017, the biggest increase in ownership share came among Switch owners aged 18-24. They saw their share of the Switch playerbase increase from 23 percent to 31 percent. The biggest decrease, on the other hand, came from gamers aged 25-29. Their share of the playerbase dropped from 25 to 18 percent. The full chart can be seen below.

Age of Switch Owners (North America)

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Eli Pales
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