Half of Switch Online users have bought the annual plan, says Nintendo President

Switch sales Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa

Switch Online has officially been up-and-running for nearly two months now. Since then, Nintendo has not come out and explicitly stated how many Switch users have signed up for it. But, Nintendo’s President Furukawa recently did at least provide some insight as to what the user base currently looks like.

According to Furukawa, over  50% of subscribers have chosen to go with the annual plan, which is $20. This agrees with the statements made by a Japanese retailer a few weeks ago, which indicated that the 12-month membership cards were selling quite well across 1000 storefronts.

Considering that the price of the annual membership works out to being only about $1.66 per month, it’s no wonder why this option has proven to be the most popular. Those who have opted for the up-to seven-person Family Annual Plan can incur even greater savings ($35 divided by 7 is $5 per person). On the other hand, a regular monthly plan is $4.

The Nintendo Switch Online mobile app was recently reported to have hit over 5 million downloads across iOS and Android, though that’s still not a solid indicator as to how many actual subscribers there are. Surprisingly, no details about this were revealed during Nintendo’s recent financial report. Perhaps it’s waiting for a specific threshold before opening up about total numbers; maybe after six months, or the first year.

A.K Rahming
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