Hades wins Game of the Year at 10th annual New York Game Awards

hades game of the year 10th new york game awards

2020 was a great year for video games. Nintendo Switch saw a plethora of excellent titles, which is looking like it will continue into 2021. Yesterday, the 10th annual New York Game Awards took place. Reggie Fils-Aime and Harold Goldberg hosted the virtual event, presenting various awards to a multitude of different games, and Supergiant Games’ roguelike action RPG Hades won the Big Apple Award for Best Game of the Year.

It doesn’t end there either — the game won other awards, including Best Writing, Best Music, and Best Indie Game. Logan Cunningham also won the Best Acting award for his portrayal of various characters, bringing the total winnings up to five. Harold Goldberg made a statement about Hades‘ victory, stating, ”All of the nominated games were extraordinary, but Hades touched our critics in many ways and we all kept coming back for more.”

Hades snagged Best Indie and Best Action game at The Game Awards last month and was also a nominee for Game of the Year. In our Hades review, we praised its enriching narrative, addictive gameplay, and wonderful music. If you have yet to play Hades, we highly recommend you give it a go!

A Nintendo game also won an award, as Animal Crossing: New Horizons took home the Central Park Children’s Zoo Award for Best Kids Game. This makes sense due to its high sales and popularity during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. More content is frequently being added to the game as well, with another event arriving soon.

The full awards show is available to watch on YouTube, with games such as Final Fantasy VII Remake winning other categories. What are your thoughts on this year’s New York Game Awards?


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