Hades from Supergiant Games will dungeon-crawl on Switch in fall

Hades Nintendo Switch release date fall 2020 Supergiant Games Bastion Transistor vibes roguelike dungeon crawler

Supergiant Games is known for its gorgeous stylized art and critically acclaimed games, beginning with Bastion and then continuing on to Pyre, Transistor, and — yes — Hades. That last title was released into early access on Epic Games Store back in 2018, then came to Steam a year later, and now it will finally release in full this fall on PC and Nintendo Switch. This is yet another big piece of news out of today’s Indie World Showcase, which also included reveals for things like Spiritfarer‘s surprise release and the coming release of Torchlight III.

Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler that aims to combine the action of Bastion with the depth of Transistor. “As the immortal Prince of the Underworld, players will wield the powers and mythic weapons of Olympus to break free from the clutches of the infamous god of the dead himself, while growing stronger and unraveling more of the story,” the game explains.

Nintendo Switch and PC will enjoy Hades cross-saves, so if you’ve been playing on PC all this time, that’s no problem (as long as you’re willing to double dip to purchase the game again). Will you be picking up this new title from Supergiant Games come fall?

John Friscia
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