Hades cross-save comes to Switch likely next month, gets new patch

hades cross-save nintendo switch

Yesterday Supergiant Games pushed out a patch for the Nintendo Switch version of Hades. The patch itself addressed a rare issue on the Switch version that prevented saves from loading properly. In the ensuing thread of comments on Twitter, the developer explained that it expects Hades cross-save functionality to launch at some point in October.

Earlier this year Supergiant Games made the decision to delay the launch of Hades cross-save functionality. They did this to ensure that the game would meet the release date they’d set, and it did. However, players have been eager to take their Hades progression with them wherever they can, and now we’re one step closer.

Hades has exploded in popularity ever since it left early access on Steam and launched for Nintendo Switch. The game is built for fast, frantic runs with experimental loadouts, and thanks to the fantastic music and gameplay, it’s enjoyable even if you’re killed in the first room.

However, the game won’t be a complete experience until we can transfer our saves from one platform to the other. Sitting down and spending an entire evening completing runs is great, but if you can’t take that progress with you on the go, then you’ve got to start an entirely new game from scratch. Hopefully this cross-save update launches earlier in the month rather than later.


Jamie Sharp
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