Git gud: Hacker mods extra hard mode into Super Mario Odyssey


If you’re like me, you adored Super Mario Odyssey. Certainly, though you may not have had the patience to gather close to 1,000 moons total, the game was an experience unlike any other. If there’s one fault in Odyssey, it’s that it’s a little on the easy side, save for some tough extra battles that unlock at the end of the game. Thankfully, hacker SKELUX is here to put your platforming instincts to the test.

Beg for mercy

SKELUX has just announced a Superstar Mode for Odyssey. What it does, essentially, is modify each of the game’s worlds in order to make them harder. As a result, bosses take a bit more effort to put down, platforms are taken out completely to test your jumping skills…that sort of thing. Here’s a video that showcases some of the changes:

Wow, my eyes are bleeding. Thanks, SKELUX.

Here’s a rundown of some of the features contained within Superstar Mode:

  • Custom and modified Power Moons.
  • New layouts.
  • Coins that are a pain in the butt to find.
  • Bosses that will wreck you.
  • Brain-melting puzzles.
  • Never-before-seen hint art.
  • Upgraded camera modes.
  • An assurance that the mode is possible to complete without taking damage, which is an outright lie.

Additionally, SKELUX wants to add even more stuff to his Superstar Mode, including custom music, original levels, and an alternate ending. These might come in later updates than the initial drop, however.

Superstar Mode is launching October 27, 2018, which happens to be Super Mario Odyssey‘s one year anniversary. Details on how to get the mode onto your Switch are detailed in the above video’s description. Due to this mod, online features are disabled when using the modded mode to prevent banning, though any Switch hacking comes at the user’s own risk.

What are your thoughts on Superstar Mode? Do you think it will extend Odyssey‘s life cycle, or does getting 1,000 moons already have you busy? Let us know below.


Arthur Damian
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