GungHo is at least discussing the possibility of more HD remasters

GungHo HD remasters Grandia HD Collection Fumiaki Shiraishi

Nintendo Enthusiast recently had the opportunity to speak with GungHo Online Entertainment America’s Director of Game Development Fumiaki Shiraishi and Art Director Pramin Phatiphong for exclusive details about their upcoming Switch title, Volta-X. During that discussion, the conversation turned to the success of Grandia HD Collection and the possibility of whether GungHo would consider further HD remasters of games within its portfolio.

Shiraishi was very careful about how he responded to this query, noting, “For any remasters, there’s licensing, there’s publishers, there’s a lot of lawyers involved. So it’s a scary world.” However, he understands how passionate the fan base is for some of the franchises they have: “I’ve been working on Grandia (HD Collection) for the last half a year also, and the community for that game is incredible. I know we have a lot of games in our group that (have) communities that (are) even more fervent than the one for Grandia.”

So is GungHo making more HD remasters? There are no current plans for it, but there are those in the company pushing for it.

“We’re trying. I think we have a few people in house that are just trying to make it happen,” said Shiraishi.

Which franchise or franchises would be targeted in this hypothetical scenario are unknown, but personally — I’d be rooting for Lunar.

Come back tomorrow for our full, exclusive feature about Volta-X, a giant robot PVP / resource management sim for Nintendo Switch!

John Friscia
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