Gun Gun Pixies will blast girls in the boobs on Switch

Gun Gun Pixies

Back in 2017, Japanese developer Compile Heart stretched the limits of their erotic imagination with the panty-shooting PlayStation Vita action game, Gun Gun Pixies. While it wasn’t localized back then for the Vita, PQube today announced that the game will be arriving overseas on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Gun Gun Pixies is a mesh of third-person shooting and 3D platforming. You play as two tiny girls from outer space who infiltrate a women’s college dormitory to, uh… shoot their groins and boobs with space guns in order to collect behavioral data that will help solve the societal issues on their home planet??

Levels have various hidden items for you to find, as well as vantage points for you to take advantage of in the heat of battle. Collecting large coins hidden around the levels and completing missions lets you unlock new weapons, lingerie, gadgets, and costumes.

There’s also a Day One Edition of the game available that comes with a special collector’s box and a high-quality art book.

Gun Gun Pixies is due out on Switch later this year.


Miguel Moran
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