90-year-old Japanese woman declared world’s oldest gaming YouTuber

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A Japanese gamer who goes by the online title of “Gamer Grandma” has been declared the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber. Hamako Mori, at 90 years of age, regularly streams her gaming sessions to YouTube. She plays a wide variety of titles including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Grand Theft Auto VResident Evil 3, and more. At nearly 300,000 subscribers, (Her subscribers seems to have spiked in the past couple days.) she’s got quite the online following. And five and a half years after her YouTube channel began, Mori has been inducted into the Guinness World Record books.

Guinness posted a short documentary about her, in which Mori spoke of how she got into gaming and why she thinks more seniors should follow suit. “I think getting more seniors to play video games in this country is impossible,” said Mori. “Maybe if you look elsewhere in the world you might find other older people who feel like me. But I still think you won’t find many.”

She got into gaming back in 1981. Since then, she has amassed a large collection of games, and of classic Super Mario, Mori said, “That’s a memorable game.”

Mori is keenly aware of her age as the oldest gaming YouTuber and definitely doesn’t shy away from it either. A video titled “Elder Plays Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” exists on her channel, a play on words with Bethesda’s popular open-world RPG. While she typically likes to play, stream, and post videos on action games, Mori did say it took her a while to get used to controlling fast-paced games. “I didn’t used to play action games because they were so difficult,” she said. “People aged around 60 might be able to do it, but around my age, I haven’t met anyone.”

If you want to watch and follow Hamako Mori’s YouTube channel, you can find her at Gamer Grandma. Do you think you’ll be gaming as regularly as this at 90 years old?


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