Guild of Darksteel brings dark fantasy adventuring to Switch in July

Guild of Darksteel

Digerati Distribution has revealed a July 15 release date for Guild of Darksteel, a side-scrolling adventure title slated for PC and Switch. Developed by a one-man team, the game promises deep, engrossing, combo-based combat with plenty of room for customization, as well as a breathing fantasy world rich with lore. The developer cites classics such as Flashback and Vagrant Story as inspirations for the story, and points to a foreboding art style and soundtrack as extra sources of strength for the atmosphere. To see the game in action, take a look at the release date trailer below.

Based on the trailer, Guild of Darksteel looks pretty solid. It is, of course, hard to tell from a trailer whether or not the game can deliver on some of its lore-based promises, but the combat system does look to rely on a significant number of upgradeable combos, and the pixel art looks quite good to me.

What do you think of Guild of Darksteel? Was this game on your radar before now? Will you be keeping an eye on it as we approach its release date? Personally, I’ll be looking forward to this one, but can’t commit to buying just yet. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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