Guide: How to access Deltarune Chapter 2’s secret route

Undertale was a game that was all about choice and replayability. In contrast, Deltarune is a game where your choices don’t matter. Or so we were told. When Chapter 1 dropped three years ago, dedicated fans figured out there actually was a way to get a slightly different ending, and ever since Chapter 2 dropped, it’s been clear that some minor choices do carry over. However, there’s something else much more shocking going on that very few players are likely to stumble on by accident. Deltarune Chapter 2 has a well-hidden secret route. Here’s our guide to finding it!

Deltarune Chapter 2 secret route guide

If you want to check out this route for yourself, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. While I’m taking care not to give away too much (especially after the point of no return), there will be things in here that you may consider spoilers. There’s just no way around that. But it’s unlikely that you’ll find the route without a guide. I hardly believe it exists after confirming it myself firsthand! All that said… let’s dive in.


This secret run begins as soon as you reach Noelle after the gang splits up in the Trash Zone. Everything before this point seems to be irrelevant. You can be playing on a brand new file or even a file where you chose only peaceful options in the past. As long as you do everything right from the moment Kris meets Noelle on their solo journey, you’re golden.

deltarune chapter 2 secret route

As soon as Noelle joins you, immediately begin backtracking. She’ll object, but you can push on anyway. You’re heading to the Trash Zone again. On your way, you need to fight every enemy you see. Additionally, you need to have Noelle and only Noelle fight each enemy using her IceShock magic. If Kris defends on their turn, it should give Noelle just enough TP to cast her magic. The game should tell you that “Noelle became stronger,” and the enemies will remain frozen on the overworld. Keep doing this as you backtrack to the Trash Zone, ignoring Noelle’s objections. Go all the way to the left, and interact with the locked door.

deltarune chapter 2 secret route

Head all the way back to the right and continue through the world. You should notice that the city is now devoid of cars, and enemies are spawning in the streets. Continue having Noelle freeze them all. Keep this up through the room with the poster of the Ferris Wheel. After you’ve made Noelle freeze the enemies in this room, talk to the NPC on the right, and tell him you and Noelle are “We’re something else.” When you walk away, the NPC will offer to sell you a Freeze Ring.

You won’t have enough money, but you can repeatedly select “Get it,” which will result in Kris pressuring Noelle to get the ring…. somehow. Eventually, this leads to a cutscene where the screen goes black. When the light returns, the NPC is gone and you have the ring. Equip it to Noelle.

Continue onward, and after de-activating, the electric barrier, select “That’s natural,” when prompted, and continue on. The music should now be different, and some enemies should attempt to flee from you on the overworld. Continue having Noelle freeze them. In the room that normally has cars and timers, you can go to the bottom left to find a hidden room with a dumpster. The dumpster will tell you how many enemies you have left to freeze.

Once you reach the second Mouse Puzzle, Noelle will present you with some dialogue choices. Choose “Proceed” every time, despite her objections, and she’ll eventually freeze the electric barrier, disabling it. When you get to the third Mouse Puzzle, Noelle will solve it herself without your prompting. Continue ahead just one more room, freezing the two enemies. Once they’re frozen, turn around and backtrack all the way to the dumpster.

If you missed any enemies, the dumpster will tell you how many remain. If not, someone in the dumpster will offer to sell you the Ring of Thorns. Buy it and equip it to Noelle, then head all the way back past the mouse puzzles that Noelle froze and continue on to the Berdley encounter. When Berdley gives you dialogue choices, select “Proceed,” and begin the battle. Noelle should have a new spell that costs 100% TP. You need to use this to win the fight. You can only use it with the Ring of Thorns equipped, as otherwise, it will cost 200% TP.

deltarune chapter 2 secret route

The point of no return

From this point on, you are locked in. You have set yourself on the secret route, and as a result, the rest of Deltarune Chapter 2 will play out quite differently. I won’t go into too many specifics here, as the guide section of this article is over. But you’ll want to prepare for a new and challenging boss fight. Additionally, you’ll want to be on the lookout for significant changes in the game’s text, but in the Dark World and the regular world after.

Fox may have pitched Deltarune as a straightforward experience, but Chapter 2 sure seems to be anything but. This secret route is potentially a game-changer, and it could mean big things for the future. That said, it will likely be a while before we get to return, as the next update will add three chapters all at once. Until then, we’ll be going through Deltarune Chapter 2 with a fine-toothed comb for any other secrets like this new route.

As previously stated, I confirmed this route’s existence firsthand, and all screenshots are mine. This route seems to have been discovered first by Discord user Great Brandini#2077. Their efforts led to this Google Doc, which gives even more details if you just wanna dive head-first into the spoilers. You can also check it out in video form by clicking here.

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