Grimshade, a tactical RPG, is coming to Nintendo Switch this week

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The hand-painted tactical RPG Grimshade from developer Talerock is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 25. Having launched on Steam a while ago, the game has already built up a small fan base.

In Grimshade you take control of a small party of warriors in a world being ripped apart by war. Players will find themselves exploring a downtrodden world full of despair, but there is hope to be found amongst the small band of characters. The game combines turn-based JRPG party battles with CRPG tactics.

In total there are seven characters to control, learning all about their backgrounds and unlocking their unique abilities for use in battle. Additionally, there is a “horizontal character development system based on heroes’ equipment.”

Talerock also claims there is no perfect team build that will see players slaughtering enemies in every battle. The gameplay echoes the lives of the characters in Grimshadw, being hard and grueling. This sounds like a refreshing change from most strategic RPGs and JRPGs, in which characters build themselves up to become invincible and unstoppable killing machines by the game’s end. While it may also get a little frustrating and annoying, I’m excited to see this game in action on the Switch.


Jamie Sharp
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