Grimmsnarl gets realistic Pokémon look from Detective Pikachu artist

realistic Grimmsnarl realistic Pokémon Detective Pikachu artist

Grimmsnarl is the latest realistic Pokémon reimagining. The artist whose work on realistic Pokémon got him a job working on environmental and key art design for Detective Pikachu, R.J. Palmer, has returned to creating more realistic versions of Pokémon after just under four years.

The Greasy Strangler

While it would be enough just to create this realistic Grimmsnarl, Palmer has gone far beyond that. The artist has also created real-world versions of the previous evolutions of the hairy beast, Impidimp and Morgrem. We even have realistic versions of other residents of Glimwood Tangle, Spritzee and Morelull.

If you’re familiar with this beast from Pokémon Sword and Shield, then you’ll know that it looks very different in the games. The weird thing about Grimmsnarl is that it’s covered in hair over most of its body. It appears to be strong and muscular, but its official Pokédex entry says that it’s actually quite a slender creature. Instead, the hair covering its body acts like muscles, making it incredibly powerful and strong enough to overpower even a Machamp.

In a way, Grimmsnarl is a lot like the anti-hero Venom. That’s probably why Palmer’s realistic version resembles it so much, with the hair acting like the symbiotic organism in Spider-Man that attaches itself to whomever it can in order to survive. The development of that hair is clear to see in both pre-evolutions in the image, with each one having more hair and more control over that hair as they grow.

If you were wondering how these realistic visions of Pokémon come about, Palmer has shared a video of his process for making this one.

Palmer has drawn quite a few other realistic versions of Pokémon in the past. His ArtStation page is full of them. Alternatively, you could just go watch Detective Pikachu again.


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