GRID Autosport zooms onto Switch on 9/19; includes GC controller support

Codemasters’ last-gen hit GRID Autosport was announced for the Switch quite some time ago. Now, after spending several months in the garage, it’s finally ready to roll out and hit the track. The game will be zooming onto the Nintendo Switch on September 19.

As the most complex racing simulator to hit the Switch yet, GRID is really a step up in terms of genre-based releases. True racing simulators have been absent on Nintendo platforms for several years, so it’s interesting that Codemasters (with the help of Feral Interactive) have stepped in to provide such an experience on the Switch.

GRID Autosport will feature track-based racing that includes different types of disciplines. To aid in the realism factor, the game has also been confirmed to support Gamecube controllers, which feature analog triggers rather than digital ones. If you’re well-acquainted with playing racing games on the other consoles, then this bound to be the more familiar option. In addition to this feature, GRID is also being outfitted with multiplayer support. However, this will be added later on as a free update.

Feral Interactive today announced that GRID Autosport, the smash hit AAA racing game, will be released on Nintendo Switch on 19th September. Originally developed and published by Codemasters for consoles and Windows, and later brought to iPhone and iPad by Feral Interactive, GRID Autosport will be the first full-on racing simulator to come to Nintendo Switch.

GRID Autosport challenges players to become pro-racers, mastering motorsport’s most exciting cars on the world’s most thrilling circuits, from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the city streets of Barcelona. With customisable difficulty, an extensive range of control options and a wide variety of driving disciplines, GRID Autosport delivers an irresistible mix of realistic handling and high-speed thrills, at home or on the move.

GRID Autosport for Switch will initially be single player only. A free multiplayer update is in development.

GRID Autosport is available to pre-purchase now from the Nintendo eShop for $34.99 / £29.99 / €34.99 / ¥4400. It is a single purchase that includes all additional content.

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