GRID Autosport update to add online multiplayer on Switch, Labo support

GRID Autosport update to add online multiplayer on Switch, Labo support hori steering wheel

The next GRID Autosport update, which will land on July 30, will add in some much anticipated features. Chief among these features is online multiplayer. However, the update is also going to include Nintendo Labo support and more.

Two player split-screen and local wireless multiplayer were added to GRID Autosport late last year. Since then we’ve been patiently waiting for more features to come to the game. Now, from Thursday we’ll be able to hop into an online race against drivers around the globe. We don’t have an official word on exactly how many players will be able to compete in one race. With up to eight players able to race locally, it should at least be that number. On Stadia the game is said to support up to 40 players in a single race, but that may not be possible on the Switch just yet.

The second big feature coming with this Switch GRID Autosport update is of course Labo support. This is specifically for the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit. This includes a steering wheel, which should make playing the game a lot more fun for some people. For anyone who wants a slightly more realistic experience, the update will also add in support for the Hori Pro Deluxe Wheel and the Hori Pro Mini Wheel. Both of these are steering wheel accessories for the Switch.


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