GRID Autosport on Switch getting Labo wheel support

Take-Two Interactive codemasters

Codemasters and Feral Interactive have a new update planned for 2020 for GRID Autosport on Switch. This new update will add-in support for the extremely underused Labo Racing Wheel peripheral, which was included in the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit back in 2018. It launched to relatively low fanfare. Very few games support Nintendo Labo in general, but this particular Labo Toy-Con set has slipped under the radar.

Considering that GRID is considered to be a simulation title, it will certainly be an interesting experience trying to handle its driving model with a cardboard wheel and pedals.

The Switch has lacked super-polished realistic racing games until this year. Codemasters contracted studio Feral Interactive to produce a Switch port of its critically-acclaimed GRID Autosport which first launched back in 2013. GRID finally came out on Switch just a few months ago. However, Feral clearly isn’t quite done with it just yet.

In addition to the upcoming support for the Labo Toy-Con, in 2020 GRID on Switch will also receive support for online multiplayer. Another free update was recently released a few days ago which patched in support for local multiplayer matches (up to eight players).

While it would’ve been nice for all of these features to have been included at launch, it is still nice to see Feral dedicated to finishing the job. This might indicate that sales have been good enough thus far to continue support.


A.K Rahming
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