Mission accomplished: French gamer’s journey to procure Pokemon Green chronicled on television


Sometimes, gamers embark on a journey to obtain an elusive item. Collectors go out of their way to find rare gaming memorabilia like a Nintendo World Championships cartridge or a SNES Bike. Recently, a French Pokemon fanatic traveled abroad to acquire a copy of the Japan-only Pokemon Green. Her pilgrimage was documented on national television.

Gotta catch that elusive Pokemon Green

Appearing on a show named “Why Did You Come To Japan?,” the tourist answers this very question while walking down the street. She admits she is on the hunt for an authentic copy of Pokemon Green. Westerners never received this version of Generation 1 Pokemon because Pokemon Blue launched in its stead (I still have my copy). Pokemon Green did eventually release in the form of Pokemon LeafGreen for the GBA.

On the hunt…

The visitor makes her way to a retro video game store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, with cameras following her every move. Luckily, she finds what she is looking for, with only one copy to spare.


The French gamer is ecstatic, saying, “I didn’t believe I would ever be able to purchase the real thing. My years-long dream has finally been fulfilled.” What a heartwarming tale of adventure, discovery, and closure!

Fellow readers, would you embark on a long trip in order to find a limited game? Let us know your honest answer by leaving a comment below.

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