Capcom survey asks players if they want more Great Ace Attorney games

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles announcement trailer release date July 27, 2021 Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 PC Steam

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is out on Switch now, and while Capcom is doing its part to celebrate the occasion, it’s also already gathering consumer information that may inform its next steps with the series. The survey is open until the end of September and can be accessed right at this link – completing it even awards you with a free wallpaper.

The questionnaire covers all sorts of material pertaining to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, asking players how they felt about the voices, animations, characters, story, and more. Towards the end, it gives players some chances to describe their gaming taste and experience, and, more interestingly, it asks if anyone would be interested in playing a future game in The Great Ace Attorney series.

Of course, a survey does not confirm anything regarding Capcom’s plans for the future of Ace Attorney and its spin-offs. The question here does not even necessarily prove that Capcom is even thinking about making another game set in this distant-past spin-off. However, it is nice to see that Capcom is at least bothering to collect info – who knows, if enough players answer the survey, maybe it could at least get Capcom thinking about a sequel.


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