Super Mario Maker 2: Nintendo deletes GrandPOOBear’s level, again


David “GrandPOOBear” Hunt, a prominent Super Mario Maker 2 level creator and streamer, just had one of his recent level uploads, Kai-Zero G, removed from the game with no explanation. Hunt is no stranger to Nintendo’s frustrating antics. In 2016, all of his levels were removed from the original Super Mario Maker‘s servers without explanation. Hunt has tweeted several times on this most recent debacle.

Many who first notice Hunt’s “GrandPOObear” moniker have suggested that this name might have been what got him banned. However, Hunt quickly disputed this later in the thread, citing his own past interactions with the company. He also followed up with the email he received this morning informing him of Kai-Zero G’s removal.

In trying to help Hunt figure out what went wrong, some have suggested that his level description may have had a hidden curse word or something similar. However, he elaborated on the rather simple course description, and a hidden curse word does not seem plausible either.

So, what did happen? Hunt thinks that mass reports are to blame. He is hypothesizing, along with other users, that if a level receives enough reports, then it will be automatically removed. This would be a massive oversight on Nintendo’s part, since high-profile players and streamers are vulnerable to troll reports.

Regardless of what triggered this removal, Hunt is feeling dejected to the point where he may stop making levels, and I cannot blame him at all. Many of Nintendo’s rather archaic policies and actions have treated fans and supporters like Hunt with blatant disrespect and ignorance. In this case, David Hunt has been alienated by Nintendo twice now. Ideally, the level can somehow be restored and Nintendo will revise some of their absolutely awful Super Mario Maker 2 policies, but I won’t be getting my hopes up–this is par for the course for them and has been for a long time.

Nick Pearson
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