Grandia I & II HD are coming to Switch this winter

Grandia remasters are on the way

The Switch is slowly but surely becoming an RPG fan’s dream and that is set to continue with the announcement that HD remasters of both Grandia I & II will be making their way to Switch this winter.

The Grandia series was originally developed by Game Arts, who are now owned by GungHo. Game Arts were famous not only for Grandia but also the Lunar series, both of which have proved to be favorites among fans of the genre.

The RPG classics will be published by GungHo, who is also responsible for the upcoming funky looking Switch exclusive Ninjala.¬†Whether or not the two will be bundled into a physical release hasn’t yet been disclosed by the publisher, though it would certainly be a welcome addition to any RPG fans shelf.

Grandia I will also see a release on Steam, joining its sequel which is already on the platform. At the moment it appears that the HD remasters will be console exclusives to the Switch.

Are you excited for Grandia I & II to come to Nintendo’s latest console? What other RPG classics would you like to see be remastered for the system? Tell us down below!



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