Grandia HD Collection will apparently be $39.99, how grand

Grandia HD Collection $39.99 August 19 Japanese language later

Grandia HD Collection will cost $39.99 according to Nintendo’s official page for the game. This collection of the Game Arts classics via GungHo contains Grandia and Grandia II, the first two entries originally released in the west in 1999 and 2000 respectively. Are these games worth, in effect, $20 a pop to you?

As I explained before, I think Grandia II is totally worth the cost of entry in Grandia HD Collection, holding up very nicely. It was basically a perfectly executed amalgamation of typical JRPG tropes, refining everything that already existed. It makes for a compelling contrast to Final Fantasy X, which released just a year later and attempted a few different things. Grandia II also had tons of engaging back-and-forth NPC dialogue. How many JRPGs are there where NPC dialogue can be considered a highlight?

Meanwhile, I don’t think as highly as the original Grandia, and I personally would peg it at a $10 value. However, this game too has an abundance of fans, so don’t let me rain on your parade.

Grandia HD Collection joins Collection of Mana and, via Sega Ages and Sega Genesis Classics, the Phantasy Star games in bringing spectacular RPG classics to the Switch. Incidentally, Collection of Mana also carries the $39.99 price tag. Sega Genesis Classics, which contains 50 games, only costs $29.99. Sega wins this round!

Grandia HD Collection will release on Aug. 16 for Nintendo Switch. Japanese language support will be added to the game post-launch. Strangely, it should be noted that Nintendo’s official page lists the game as launching Aug. 9. [Update: Nintendo has updated its page to correctly reflect the Aug. 16 release date.]


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