Grandia HD Collection releases for Switch on August 16

Grandia HD Collection release August 16

We previously reported that Grandia HD Collection was “coming soon,” and that’s still true. But we can now add that the collection will officially launch for Nintendo Switch on Aug. 16, courtesy of GungHo. That means players will get to play the first two Grandia titles in HD on a Nintendo platform for the first time.

In North America, the first Grandia released for PlayStation in 1999, created by developer Game Arts, who also created the renowned Lunar RPGs on Sega CD and PlayStation. Grandia, similarly to Lunar: The Silver Star, was a prototypical adventure story about a boy with big dreams. Honestly, this game never clicked with me the way Lunar did, but its battle system of interrupting enemy attacks was innovative at the time.

Grandia II, released in North America for Dreamcast in 2000 and later for PlayStation 2 and PC, presented a more mature protagonist with a somewhat darker story. It was another game that relied on tried-and-true storytelling motifs, but it clicked a lot better for me personally this time. The battle system was also outstanding, evolving on the mechanics in the original game while offering a fair amount of party customization. Any JRPG lover should give Grandia HD Collection a try, but I would especially recommend Grandia II.

With Grandia HD Collection releasing on Switch, it leaves one to wonder if more Grandia or classic JRPG titles could be on the way. We can all guess what I’m hoping to hear on that subject. However, if you’re a PC gamer, you should know that Grandia HD Remaster will be heading to PC at the same time, and Grandia II Anniversary Edition is simply being renamed Grandia II HD Remaster to avoid confusion.

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