New details on Grandia & Grandia II HD Remaster emerge

Grandia HD Collection Grandia & Grandia II HD Remaster

Less than a month ago, GungHo announced HD remasters of Grandia I & II were coming to Switch. This week during Tokyo Game Show, Game Informer has revealed exclusive details on what the remasters will include, sharing what they learned from a visit to GungHo’s office.

The publication received the following information on each game’s remaster updates:


  • Enhanced details to UI, sprites, and texture art. 2x to 4x upscaling
  • Original cinematic videos receiving visual enhancements
  • Widescreen support and customizable resolutions for PC
  • Addition of MSAA, bloom, normal mapping, and blur effects
  • Steam cards and Achievements
  • Japanese audio and subtitles, English audio and subtitles
  • Language support: English & Japanese
  • Digitally converted game manual
  • Utilizing PS1 & Sega Saturn source code
  • Gamepad and keyboard support with remappable controls

Grandia II

  • Digitally converted game manual
  • Utilizing Grandia II Anniversary Edition source code, which originally was based on the Sega Dreamcast source code
  • Fix PC video/audio desync and switch to XInput
  • Add support to exit to title
  • Japanese subtitles added, for Switch version

Grandia I & II, originally developed by Game Arts, have worked with multiple publishers since their original releases in 1997 and 2000, respectively. GungHo, the current publisher working on the Grandia I & II  HD Remaster for Switch and PC, is planning on releasing the two titles this winter. Surprisingly, the collection will only be releasing in North America and Europe. No Japan date has been announced. No official release date or physical release plans have been announced. More feature announcements are still on the way.

Released in Japan on the Sega Saturn in 1997 and ported to the PlayStation in 1999, Grandia has been praised for its battle system and easy-going attitude. Grandia II, released for the Dreamcast in 2000, was further acclaimed for its intricate battle system, but panned for its simplicity. Its PlayStation 2 and PC ports were deemed graphically inferior.

Those wanting to play a classic RPG title and its sequel will find solace in the Grandia I & II  HD Remaster for Nintendo Switch. The ability to play the two games on the go offers further incentive.


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